There exists no Metaverse that is not The Open Metaverse.

Our story

The Open Metaverse Foundation is dedicated to working with industry leaders, companies and thought leading individuals to help build an open and inclusive Metaverse. 

We are a non-profit organization that employs the 3C-2D methodology for standards development. The 3C-2D method is a hybridization of conventional standards bodies governed by committee and the emergence of DAOs.  There are challenges to conventional standards bodies including decisions made by the few and the significant cost for membership.  The 3C-2D method breaks apart the legacy model with Contribute, Collaborate, Codify and Decision by DAO.  DAO tokens are voting chips, but a DAO alone is not always effective since not all decisions are binary and many require conversation and subsequent iterations and improvements before a standard is codified.  With this method we believe in voting with contributions and code, if a company, organization, communities or individuals are able to produce the specifications and demonstrate capabilities then they have effectively voted with their contribution.  We value contributions, code and proof of concept over conjecture and speculation.  We will provide more details on this as we continue to unroll the OMF.

Our Vision

There is no Metaverse that is not the Open Metaverse.

To build the one and only Metaverse, will require cross industry collaboration and cooperation, open standards and human-first design in order to build an open, accessible and equitable Metaverse.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a Metaverse for all.  One that gives power to creators. Is accessible and inclusive. One that gives freedom of choice. To make The Metaverse an ethical and equitable space.

We are guided by the Metaverse Code of Ethics

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