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Intent to form the Open Metaverse Foundation

By December 15, 2022No Comments

The potential for the open Metaverse is immense. It could be as impactful as the World Wide Web, but only if we pursue it together. At its best, it can be an ever-changing yet persistent, immersive experience that exists both between and inside of the digital and real worlds. For the Metaverse to truly flourish in the same way the Internet has, it will need to be an open Metaverse for all. 

In October, we brought top experts from diverse sectors together with leaders from many of the projects across the Linux Foundation to discuss what it will take to transform the emerging concept of the Metaverse from promise to reality—from digital assets, simulations and transactions, to artificial intelligence, networking, security and privacy, and legal considerations. 

This was only the beginning. As the next step in this amazing journey, we welcome the Open Metaverse Foundation (OMF) into the Linux Foundation as another piece of the puzzle. 

Of course, we’re still in the early days of what will become the Metaverse. It is an iterative puzzle where various pieces must come together and interoperate if we’re to be successful. The volume of work to be done can seem overwhelming. Yet, we’re incredibly excited to embark on this journey, together. 

We need your help in making the promise of the open Metaverse a reality. Learn more about what’s next, and join us on this incredible journey by becoming an initial founding member. We’re looking forward to the role that only you can play in building the open Metaverse!