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Digital Assets FIG

The Digital Assets Foundational Interest Group (FIG) is committed to fostering open source and standards related to digital assets and objects created, consumed or destroyed. This work includes their relationships at all levels where a digital asset may not be originated but consumed in any given centralized and decentralized system.

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A non-exhaustive list of topics includes:

  • Identify, define and help standardize best usable digital formats for two dimensional (2D), three dimensional (3D), haptic, sound, video, animation or any asset format that may represent the result of a work product.
  • Create a modular and extensible metadata schema to define and allow querying of elements of an asset object with or without complete delivery, along with any linking objects and their metadata.
  • Understand and build upon many current digital rights management systems that may be used in a robust and distributed manner to provide levels of enforcement for the fair use of digital assets
  • Identify, define, and help standardize asset objects and data relationships to other assets in a hierarchy or flat format for proper use or allowed combining of asset objects, where an example may be an avatar and its accessories.
  • Create a portable standard to define scripts and code that may be encapsulated and enabled with the proper relationship to an asset object, along with state management and limitation parameter identifiers.
  • Create a distribution model that can scale with the proper amount of data sent based on the requirements of the experience and fidelity of the assets as queried. 
  • Identify and define distribution services for mass delivery to ensure content demands align with capacity demands with the communities and organizations delivering them.
  • Define media protocols and latency parameter requirements for acceptable content consumption without degradation or interruption.