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Networking FIG

The Networking Foundational Interest Group (FIG) is focused on open source and standards pertaining to transport architecture, services, and operations, enabling data transmission across various digital mediums in a global environment. This work includes scaling, latency, security, access, and discovery across many hardware and software platforms.

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A non-exhaustive list of topics includes:

  • Understand and extend global namespace systems for naming, discovery, and location of endpoint worlds and simulations.
  • Define interoperable and extensible namespace schema for discovery and access to object-based elements like containers, assets, scenes, and components used to compose and interact with a world or simulation.
  • Identify and augment current network infrastructure services to enable centralized and decentralized objects’ localized data cache and compute requirements.
  • Create schema with metadata access for queryable discovery and trending to enable proactive replication of media objects and environments. 
  • Create an extensible model for data storage exposure with access and permissions to enable analytics and live operation data models to internal and external systems.
  • Define network metadata schema to allow reporting of the medium, bandwidth, and latent capabilities of server and client endpoints.