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The potential for the open Metaverse is immense. It could be as impactful as the World Wide Web, but only if we pursue it together. At its best, it can be an ever-changing yet persistent, immersive experience that exists both between and inside of the digital and real worlds. For the Metaverse to truly flourish, it will need to be an open Metaverse for all.
We’re still in the early days of what will become the Metaverse. It is an iterative puzzle where various pieces must come together and interoperate if we’re to be successful. The Open Metaverse Foundation brings together thought-leading organizations and open source communities to work on developing open source software and standards for a global, vendor-neutral and scalable Metaverse.
Collectively, we are the builders of the open Metaverse on an exciting journey to create an open, inclusive world of interactive, immersive experiences for all. Join us and get involved!
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We believe that there can only be one Metaverse—and that is an open Metaverse. To build the Open Metaverse will require cross-industry collaboration and cooperation to build open source software and standards that incorporate human-first design principles to create an immersive, interactive environment that is open, accessible, equitable and safe for all.


Our mission is to foster a strong community of developers, engineers, academics and thought leaders who will solve the difficult challenges of building the Open Metaverse through open source software and open specifications that enable portability and interoperability for an open, global, scalable world, which supports interactive and immersive experiences for the benefit of any individual or industry.
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Through the Open Metaverse Foundation, a diverse community is collaborating to architect the open Metaverse.
Together, we are:

Creating real-world use cases

that can be solved independently by each Foundational Interest Group, or FIG

Building specifications

by communicating design and challenging specifications created to meet the needs of real-world use cases

Developing portable, demonstrable source code

with structures to address the needs of real-world use cases

Publishing interoperable standards

by collaborating with standards groups to ratify specifications


Our aim is to build an open Metaverse for all. One that gives power to creators. Is accessible and inclusive. Offers freedom of choice. Is an ethical and equitable space. We are guided by a strong set of guiding principles, or values.


The Foundation and its projects are neutral to all technologies and companies, and strives to ensure interfaces and systems are universal and unencumbered.


Specifications developed will not be specific to any platform to ensure implementation across various programming languages, architectures and operating systems.


Core output strives to entice all industries to take advantage of the advances it delivers.

Easy to Adopt

As changes occur within the Foundation’s projects, the onboarding materials for each subsystem should always be kept up to date to allow people to adopt and explore how they may use the projects.


The Foundation and its projects will avoid undue influence, bad behavior or “pay-to-play” decision-making.


The Foundation’s projects should always ensure that extensibility is achieved in a modular manner to prevent changes that may break applications due to unnecessary dependencies.


The Foundation and its projects are open, transparent, accessible and operate independently of specific partisan interests. All contributors are welcomed, and all contributions are accepted based on their merit. Technology must be available to all in alignment with open source values.