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Security and Privacy FIG

The Security & Privacy Foundational Interest Group (FIG) is dedicated to fostering open source and standards to support the security, accessibility, and privacy practices for all foundational interest groups. It provides a proactive and reactive group that analyzes and provides insight into the schemas, standards and models through the lens of security and accessibility.

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A non-exhaustive list of topics includes:

  • Identify and provide potential issues and solutions for security related to authentication, authorization, identity, wallets, accounting, and block/allow lists.
  • Define schemas with metadata to define levels of differential privacy and selective disclosure. 
  • Define models to implement potential usage of self-custodial data registries, zero-knowledge proofs, and wallet-based models.
  • Identify and create processes and models to define the operational burning of objects such as identities, wallets, assets, or digital data.
  • Extend or create policies and extensible schemas for the identification and enablement of accessibility, diversity, equity and inclusion across worlds, simulations, and communications.
  • Define policies and extensible schemas to enhance or mitigate child safety, behavioral controls, bans, and queryable consequence models within and across worlds and experiences.