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Foundational Interest Groups

The work of the Open Metaverse Foundation is organized into Foundational Interest Groups, or FIGs, focused on specific areas of the open Metaverse. Each FIG is composed of members from specific disciplines with a common purpose of advancing the work and technologies within that specific FIG, including:

  • Enabling a focused distributed decision structure for each topic
  • Providing resources and methods for identifying new ideas, getting work done, and onboarding new contributors
  • Ensuring code ownership of every identifiable subpart of each project is addressed and managed by the appropriate FIG

Meet Our Foundational Interest Groups


User-focused objects and their connections to other systems

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Transfer of ownership and receipts needed to audit and verify objects

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Digital Assets

Standardization of media & metadata for common usage of objects

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Virtual Worlds and Simulations

Data models to enable cross-experience interoperability

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Artificial Intelligence

AI usage in direct and indirect human or experience interaction

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Protocols and distributed computing for network interoperability

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Security and Privacy

Auditing and maintenance of security, privacy, DEI and safety

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Legal and Policy

Core terminology, standards approach and legal considerations

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