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Building an open, accessible, interoperable metaverse for all


Meet Our Foundational Interest Groups


User-focused objects and their connections to other systems

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Transfer of ownership and receipts needed to audit and verify objects

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Digital Assets

Standardization of media & metadata for common usage of objects

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Virtual Worlds and Simulations

Data models to enable cross-experience interoperability

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Artificial Intelligence

AI usage in direct and indirect human or experience interaction

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Protocols and distributed computing for network interoperability

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Security and Privacy

Auditing and maintenance of security, privacy, DEI and safety

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Legal and Policy

Core terminology, standards approach and legal considerations

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Thank you to our members for their commitment to advancing the open Metaverse.

The Metaverse brings exciting possibilities in revolutionizing the way we interact and engage, but with it comes immense technical challenges. Through the power of open innovation, the Open Metaverse Foundation will foster collaboration and community-driven development to realize this promise. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation looks forward to contributing its deep expertise to evolve cloud technologies and infrastructure in tackling these challenges. Together, we’ll build a truly open, accessible virtual world, where anyone can participate.

Taylor DolezalHead of Ecosystem, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Our industry needs innovation through interoperability driven by open source and open standards to realize the promise of the Metaverse—if we’re to build something that benefits everyone—just as was the case with the early architecting of the Internet. Futurewei believes in the power of open source and open collaboration, and we’re excited to engage in building the Open Metaverse Foundation community to extend initiatives we already have underway in XR, Web3, mobile gaming and more.

Anni LaiHead of Open Source Operations and Marketing, Futurewei

The Metaverse isn’t some expensive VR headset. It isn’t NFTs. It isn’t even Web3. The Metaverse is an open set of data standards that enables shared, accessible, persistent 3D experiences. The Open Metaverse Foundation provides a vehicle for industry-wide, community-driven collaboration to develop open standards and open source implementations for an open Metaverse. As leaders in delivering tools and technology, we enable new and extraordinary ways to experience, engage and excite our users through interactive, immersive 3D experiences. GenXP is excited to join the Foundation to help make these experiences possible.

Vince McMullinCEO, GenXP

We are just starting to see the potential of the Metaverse. The impact of combining the Internet of place and value will be enormous if we work together to build open, scalable, decentralized technologies. The OMF brings the proven Linux Foundation open development model to this complex but exciting new opportunity and gives the companies and developers shaping it a neutral home to fulfill their vision. Hyperledger Foundation’s distributed ledger and digital trust expertise and technologies will be critical building blocks for the effort.

Daniela BarbosaExecutive Director, Hyperledger Foundation and General Manager, Blockchain and Identity, Linux Foundation

The Metaverse is presenting unprecedented challenges for edge computing and networks. We expect the Open Metaverse Foundation to become the platform for defining the required technological solutions. Industry-wide collaboration is the only way to embark on such complex endeavors. The LF Edge and Networking communities are well suited to deliver the open source technologies defined by the Open Metaverse Foundation. We are looking forward to close collaboration with the new Foundation and foresee many potential synergies between it and our projects.

Ranny HaibyCTO, Networking, Edge & Access Technologies, Linux Foundation

At its core, the Open Metaverse Foundation is all about bringing a diversity of industry experts and open source communities together to transform the concept of the Metaverse from promise to reality, while ensuring it delivers an amazing, immersive experience for all users. This is about optimal choice, a rich development ecosystem, safety and ease of use. That’s why the Open Voice Network – a Linux Foundation community developing open standards and ethical use guidelines for the inevitable interface for the metaverse, conversational AI – is delighted to link arms with the Open Metaverse Foundation.

Jon StineExecutive Director, Open Voice Network

The Metaverse will drive the demand for innovative digital products while providing the frameworks to connect creators directly with consumers, setting the stage for a disruptive opportunity not seen since the early days of the Internet. Veriken is excited to work with the Open Metaverse Foundation to create the open standards for digital commerce and property ownership necessary to accelerate the initial adoption of the Metaverse and protect the long-term interests of all stakeholders, including consumers, individual artists and enterprises.

Chris ClasonFounder and CEO, Veriken