Open Metaverse Foundation

The Open Metaverse Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to open source software and open specifications to support the open Metaverse.


We believe the only Metaverse is an open Metaverse

We are the builders of The Metaverse

As the architects of The Open Metaverse, we need to be good stewards, create a space that provides the largest degrees of individual and technical freedoms.

We cannot possibly know what The Metaverse will evolve into so its incumbent upon us to build a foundation that is free of opinion and bias, built with primitives, applications of the fundamental laws of nature, modeled behaviors, composable objects, upon which further layers of abstraction can be developed and further innovations can be devised.

What will The Metaverse be?

Metaverse Architecture

What are the challenges?

Building an open Metaverse will not be without its challenges. Technical challenges are a matter of progression, where social challenges are an issue of learning from the past and ethical issues are a matter of choice.  All will impact the Metaverse that we develop.




What can we do?

Collaboration and Cooperation

  • Break down industry silos
  • Focus on innovation, not just patents
  • Start cross domain conversations
  • Remember The Metaverse is for all

Open Standards

  • Embrace open standards, specifications and open source software
  • Vote with code and contributions
  • Eliminate barries to entry
  • Certification can create friction for innovation

Human-First Design

  • Promote the well-being of yourself and others
  • Practice openness and transparency
  • Honor the work of creators
  • Enforce ethical behavior at all levels
Hellen Keller
Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much."
Helen Keller
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